Louisiana Tech is reorganizing

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Louisiana Tech University (Ruston, LA) had died out. Justin Salisbury, a graduate student with a background in economics, is going to be reorganizing this chapter. Emphasis will be placed on finding people who will be enrolled at Louisiana Tech past May 2016 who can lead the chapter into the future.


Louisiana Tech is a university of about 11,000 students. The main challenges that will be addressed will be the need for getting the YAL name out there, educating the student population about what we do, and overcoming the social and institutional barriers to minority organizing on campus. The university imposes a strict 10-active-member requirement. Fear and suspicion of unfamiliar ideas are alive and well at Louisiana Tech, and many students spend every weeknight attending religious functions.

We may employ daytime meetings to accommodate our audience and must find ways to open the minds of the students in order to learn what we do. A prominent university administrator who oversees student organizing insists that students who come to Louisiana Tech are not competent enough to organize and lead ourselves, that nobody comes to Tech with a working knowledge or Roberts Rules of Order, etc. Well, it is up to us to teach him how competent students can be.

It is up to us to raise the university’s expectations for student organizing as we chart our future. Any support of any other chapters or members will always be appreciated. For liberty!

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