Love the Headline, Hate the Outcome

New York to end ‘Rubber Room’ Detentions for Teachers.

The headline sounds great, especially since this is something I first discovered when John Stossel mentioned the problem in his mini-documentary Stupid in America, which guts the mystique that our government schools claim.  The “rubber rooms” are detentions for teachers who have committed a variety of offenses but can’t be fired because of NYC’s union system.  Teachers stay in the rooms for months on end while drawing a full salary, kept away from the students but given absolutely nothing to do to earn their pay.

Instead of firing someone whom committed an infraction like any private sector organization would do, and finding someone else who’d do the job better, the NYC schools have now thought of a job that makes counting grains of sand in sandstorm look rational:  These teachers in limbo will be put to work doing “clerical work” at the Department of Education in NYC.  Because clearly what this department needs is bigger bureaucracy. 

To quote John Stossel again:  Give me a break!

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