Mad Men’s Libertarian

Not too long ago my sisters got me hooked on  a show called Mad Men.  The show is about a man named Don Draper, who is the creative director at an ad agency in the 60’s — a job which entails a lot of drinking, smoking, and quick thinking.  Mad Men also focuses on the ad agency’s need to make a profit, which is where the show’s token libertarian is revealed:

Not only is it a great shout out to a very famous libertarian thinker Ayn Rand, but the libertarian character’s name is Bertram which makes this blogger very happy.  Bertram is a funny, very odd, and sadly minor character in the show.  However, I am convinced that getting our message into pop culture such as TV, music, film, etc. is absolutely necessary for the liberty movement.  The left has shown us how succesful this can be.

I am also happy to see that the token libertarian is Bertram rather than one of the other male leads.  Having libertarianism associated with Armani suits, money, swagger, and drinks is one thing, but the adultery and sexism which are hallmarks of the show would be a very poor association.  Fortunately, Bertram seperates himself from these behaviors and embodies characteristics that the philosphy touts such as individulism and capitalsim.  

It is a good thing to see these ideas appearing in pop culture and I thought the YAL crowd would enjoy seeing this.  It is also fun to spot these refrences, which is why some of you may also enjoy listening to Rush’s Rand influenced music as well.  

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