Madison Area Technical College’s First Dose of Liberty

On Wednesday, October 7 Young Americans for Liberty State Chair Matt Cannizzo came up to Madison to show us how to table and to get the Madison Area Technical College Truax chapter off the ground. 

We set up in the cafeteria where we thought would be the most prime spot. The first half of the day was pretty slow but to our surprise it was karaoke day in the lounge area next to the cafeteria.

We were coincidentally located right outside said lounge and we got much more traffic. We pulled students in with the worlds shortest political quiz and asked what they were most passionate about. Luckily, we met a few individuals who would be perfect for leadership positions within the chapter. We will be holding our follow up meeting next week. 

I have high hopes for the MATC Truax campus. They have generous transfer program to the University of Wisconsin schools and I believe MATC is a strategic point in the spread of Liberty and freedom in Wisconsin. 

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