Maine Approves Medical Marijuana Initiative

The people of Maine passed on Nov. 2nd a ballot initiative that mandates the state to create a task force to start the process of getting medical marijuana to approved patients. The Maine Medical Marijuana Act will:

  • Establish a system of nonprofit dispensaries which would be overseen and tightly regulated by the state;
  • Establish a voluntary identification card for medical marijuana patients and caregivers;
  • Protect patients and caregivers from arrest, search and seizure unless there is suspicion of abuse; 
  • Create new protections for qualified patients and providers in housing, education, employment and child custody;
  • Allow patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease access to medical marijuana;
  • Require the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a procedure for expanding the list of conditions for which marijuana can be used; and
  • Keep current allowable marijuana quantities at 2.5 ounces and six plants.

Maine is the 14th state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Perhaps as more states join this growing cause, Obama will do more than just publish a DOJ memo asking them not to raid law-abiding dispensaries. As federal prosecuters in California show, drug warriors won’t let a little thing like a mandate from the president to stop them.

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