Make KU a Free Speech Zone

On April 5th, the Kutztown chapter of Young Americans for Liberty executed their event to end unconstitutional speech codes on campus. Our chapter rolled a 12 foot beach ball around campus and asked students to write whatever they wanted to on it. The ball gained a lot of attention by students and faculty all over campus.
In a short amount of time we had handed out all of our materials which included pocket constitutions and philosophy pamphlets. Many students were wondering why we had a giant ball, which gave us an opportunity to educate them on the speech codes at Kutztown. Once the students heard why we were doing this they were more than willing to sign our petition to change these rules. 

Throughout the day our event made its rounds on social media, flooding snapchat and yik yak. We gained the attention of student government board members who now are looking to help us change these unfair policies. Students came running out doors from lunch and class to see the ball, and even people who work for the university stopped what they were doing to write on the ball. 
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