Makeing Allegheny Free Again

It was time to recruit. We had our activism kit and we had a table right next to some political opposition. This was prime territory to find fellow students that are fans of freedom. We were dressed to impress. We had liberty gear on to grab the attention of students. The group was primed to let our campus know that we were the club to join if they cared about freedom. 

This was the first time the campus had heard anything about YAL in awhile so we had no idea what the response would be. Well, 47 signatures latter, I would say it was a success! Freshman continued to come up to the table asking “what is YAL?” After some dialog about our principles, we could dive into the issues. Our members explained to prospects that YAL is about actual activism – not just sitting around and talking about it.

The next step for us here at Allegheny is to expand our membership as much as possible. This includes training new members in our mission and the ideas of liberty. We will plan our daily actions so that they will stack up to make a difference on campus. We are aiming to the promote free markets, a free academia, and a free world.

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