Making a good start at the College of Southern Maryland

I was extremely excited to start a YAL chapter on my campus in La Plata Maryland. I was brand new to the area when I first went to register and that’s when I realized what I was getting into.

The Student Government required 15 active members to be recognized as a club and at first this was daunting to me because I knew no one in the area! With a little perseverance and a lot of politicking I was able to find enough people to get temporary recognition. A minor success on the road to total victory.

The next big step I never expected to face was the mountains of bureaucracy in the Student Government. It was only ok to ask certain people for certain things unless those people were not around and then you have to go to the next highest person but only through an advisor!

Needless to say it wasn’t fun. In the end I was able to finally secure a reservation to set up a YAL recruitment table. Oh yea!

The traffic wasn’t heavy but the people who did stop by were very interested in the club and many wanted officer positions and to trade contact info. Lots of people were surprised and pleased by their political quiz results as well as shocked by the other quiz I had out (a who dunnit quiz asking whether Bush or Obama carried out certain policies where the answer to all of them was BOTH!).

At the end of the day I was 8 sign-ups closer to a fully recognized club and very happy about it.

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