Making Great Strides With The Message of Liberty at University of Southern California

Trojans for Liberty, YAL’s chapter at the University of Southern California, started the semester off with a robust programing schedule. Our efforts to encourage the discussion of transformative ideas and the power of liberty set the stage for an early spring semester event lineup. A Q&A with California gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellenberger, a State of the Union watch party, and liberty Congressional Candidates forum.

With California’s deeply blue political sentiments, it is important to bring contrarian reason to an otherwise political monopoly the Democratic Party has over Sacramento. TFL was able to reach out to Michael Shellenberger, a contrarian democratic candidate for CA governor. Unlike most candidates in the California gubernatorial race Shellenberger brought fourth the real issues facing the future of the golden state during our Q&A session, moving past Trump-shaming and into environmental and economic concerns. With his centrist and non-radical views, and as a champion for sensible energy solutions, quite a few of Shellenberger’s positions bring him into a liberty sphere of ideology.

Our State of the Union watch party allowed our organization to expand our presence with a scheduled major political event. Members were able discuss Trump policy statements in real time. Conversation on the issues spurred by the national event set the stage for a constructive member building event.

Finally, during our most recent event, a Liberty Candidates Forum, were able to further our chapters mission of political dialogue by conversing with three candidates in the trenches of the congressional election season. Our organization was joined by Michael Allman a liberty republican running for CA-52 in San Diego County, Brandon Reiser running as a Libertarian for CA-48 in Orange County, and Angela McArdle running as a Libertarian for CA-34 in Los Angeles County. The importance of liberty in our modern political landscape and the future of the liberty movement proved to be important themes of the evening. For each of the candidates they had their own wy to make liberty win.

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