Making your bed is great, but how exactly does it win wars?

I meant to get this post up yesterday, but never quite got around to it.  Fred Reed recently wrote for about the American military and the unfortunate mindsets it reinforces in its members.  Reed begins with a questions:

In re Afghanistan, why, you might ask, is the world’s hugest, expensivest, most begadgeted military unable to defeat a few thousand angry tribesmen armed with AKs and RPGs?

Why, indeed?  Reed attributes the problem to character, noting that the military reenforces all the wrong characteristics, namely submissiveness, conformity, instant and unthinking, unquestioning acceptance of whatever an authority says as truth.  Is this really helpful in our numerous overseas adventures?

This hoopla is not of use in combat. The Taliban seem to be doing rather well. Do you suppose their commanders check their beds to be sure that a quarter will bounce from their blankets?

Reed says no.  Read the rest of the article here to decide for yourself.

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