Malaise We Can Believe In

Carter Obama malaise

The comparisons between Barack Obama and the utter failure known as Jimmy Carter are many and varied.  Obama’s first address from the Oval Office sounded eerily similar to Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence” address, which is known as his “malaise” speech even though he never used the word.  Before Obama’s address Walter Shapiro, a former Carter speechwriter,  wrote in Politics Daily that “Obama should not squander his Oval Office address on pleading the case for cap-and-trade energy legislation, which seems doomed in this Congress. Nor is this the moment for the president to burble once again about the supposed economic potential of green jobs.”  Of course, Obama pushed for his cap-and-trade bill and green jobs for about one-third of the speech. The leftists on MSNBC dumped on him (you can view them here).

This mashup comes by way of Americans for Prosperity:

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