Man Convicted of Indecent Exposure for Being Naked in His Own Home

Most people have done it or do it on a daily basis. I think it’s a common thing to be naked in your home,” said Erick Williamson.

Yes, it’s true. Erick Williamson was convicted of indecent exposure for being naked in his own home.

The story gets interesting when Yvette Dean, a wife of a local county officer, insinuated that Williamson was purposely exposing himself from his own home. Dean was also reported to have been content with the conviction (according to Fox 5).

The judge ruled out that since Williamson was seen more than once in the course of several hours (even though it was still in his home), he labled the demeanor “indecent.”  Though Williamson was convicted, all witnesses testified that he made no inappropriate gestures and didn’t even step out of his own home!

Williamson stated: “I feel the exact feelings that they’re speaking-I’ve put onto the other people. They’re looking into my home. I live in a fishbowl, an ant farm. Everyone’s looking inside my house now. That’s ok.”

Williamson is not anticipated to serve any jail time.

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