Man Explains to WFTV News Why He Loves the Orlando Police Department

On Wednesday July 6th, activists, concerned citizens and local media gathered at Lake Eola to witness the ongoing battle between Food Not Bombs and a City of Orlando Ordinance criminalizing charity in public parks.   During this scheduled feeding of the homeless, two activists were served tresspassing notices and asked to leave the park.  When they did not comply and continued to serve food to two young children, members of the Orlando Police Department quickly arrested them and escorted them to their cruisers.  This now brings the grand total to 27 arrests for violating this city ordinance.
The majority of the people who gathered to witness this were in opposition to the ordinance. However, there was one gentlemen holding a sign that said “I (HEART) OPD”.  He was interviewed by local WFTV Channel 9 but for some reason none of his interview made it on the news.  Thankfully, freelance media and local police accountability organization Orlando Copwatch documented this interview and has released it for your viewing pleasure.
It appears that the gentlemen being interviewed was clearly being sarcastic.  I can only speculate that his strategy was to ridicule the power and arbitrary authority that is being assumed by local government in this instance.  Perhaps he was motivated by a belief that these types of ordinances only exist to regulate private charity and justify the expansion of the welfare state.  Perhaps he was upset that tax dollars are being used to incarcerate peaceful people.  Perhaps he was upset by the unquestioning obedience of the enforcement arm of the state.  Either way, good for him.
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