Mandatory Minimum Mugshots at Baylor

Baylor University YAL’s discussion unit on the War on Drugs culminated in an event last Wednesday focusing on mandatory minimum sentencing.

MMM wall

Our members constructed a prison cell and had Baylor students take pictures in it, holding profiles of people sentenced using mandatory minimums. The profiles, which were structured like booking cards, also gave an overview of why our club was there, what mandatory minimums are, and where students could find more information.

Students at MMM1

Students at MMM

We set up our table and passed out End the Drug War swag, books, and pocket constitutions. This was a visually striking event that brought a lot of interested students over to our table to talk to YAL members about an issue that has not received much attention at Baylor.

BUYAL members

I was excited to hear about all of the perspectives on mandatory minimums that we encountered throughout the day, and our members engaged several students in some great discussion!

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