Marc Hyden at Kennesaw State

The Kennesaw State University YAL chapter decided to host Marc Hyden from Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. One of the many issues that libertarians and conservatives tend to argue a lot over is the power of the state in relation to what kind of punishment it can/should be capable of doling out. CCATDP is an organization that desires to provide an argument as to why it is not a good idea for a government entity to be able to sentence a citizen to death. Given the organization name having “Conservative” in it Marc acknowledged that he was indeed in the minority of his party in regards to feelings about the death penalty.

However, he did provide an enlightening bit of info using both statistics and moral argument. Marc described himself as being pro-life, “From the womb to the tomb”. He gave many examples of individuals who were wrongly convicted of a crime but had been executed before they were proven to be innocent. One of the statistics that evoked a gasp from the crowd was the state of Georgia and its record from 1974 on the death penalty. From that year to present day it has been confirmed that of the sixty-nine inmates executed since 1974 six of them were later proven to be innocent. This is a topic that is not often spoken of in the political sphere today but it is certainly an issue that should be discussed as nothing is more important than the right to life.

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