March against Monsanto

Monsanto March

On October 12, 2013 members of the Lawrence, KS chapter of Young Americans for Liberty united with the community to march against Monsanto in a global protest.  Cities around the world joined together in an attempt to have the people’s frustrations heard.  YAL member Julia Lee jumped on the opportunity to involve our organization in this event by planning a march of her own up and down Mass St. in the heart of downtown Lawrence. The event was a success with roughly 50 people participating and several hundred people bearing witness to the message presented.

Our YAL chapter felt it was an appropriate cause to stand behind because of Monsanto’s “rent seeking behavior” and the corrupt ties it has to our nation’s government, illustrated, for example, by the Monsanto Protection Act. We assumed that the event would draw people from all political perspectives with differing reasons to march for the cause. It was important to us to make sure our liberty-minded reasons for marching were presented. We felt it was necessary to point out that Monsanto is not the sole culprit, but that government agencies such as the FDA and certain politicians are also responsible for the corporatism that exists today.


To prepare for this event, our YAL chapter held a special meeting to make flyers advertising the march and protest signs painted with slogans such as “Say no to GMO” and “Monsanto’s worst enemy is a well-informed public.”  We also contacted other Lawrence groups such as Food not Bombs to help coordinate the event and spread the word.

The day of the march we saw people of all ages and all walks of life come out to support the cause. College students, older local residents, and even children let their voices be heard as our train of sign holders chanted the message to the public. Several marchers also passed out pamphlets that shared information and listed resources so people could educate themselves further on the subject.  Most of the spectators received our message with enthusiasm, honking car horns in support, taking pictures, applauding our efforts, or even thanking us as we passed.

After the event closed, YAL member Dana Szymkowski welcomed everyone to join a contact list for future events and information, and obtained about 20 new contacts.  She was also approached by a handful of people who expressed interest in joining our YAL chapter or at least to join forces with our organization to plan future events. All in all everything turned out very well, and hopefully we helped in some small way to make a difference in the fight against Monsanto.

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