March Update for Florida Gulf Coast University

This month has been particularly exciting for the FGCU Liberty Movement. During Spring Break, several of our members did a service project for a liberty group in Ft. Myers. They helped park cars at a donation dinner.

After Spring Break, we held a meeting discussing the rise of PC Culture and the dangers of censorship presented by yours truly. The meeting brought in people of differing beliefs of what PC Culture meant and it was incredible to see a civil discussion take place.

We also had a wonderful opportunity to meet up with Students for Liberty CEO Wolf Van Laer in Naples, FL on March 22 for a donor talk at Mason Classic Academy to help raise money for the Liberty Movement. Wolf then met up with our group Eagles 4 Liberty on Thursday in lieu of our usual meeting to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse where we discussed how our group has had sustained success and involvement since 2009 and how other groups can follow our example.

This week we have a discussion about the Financial Crisis of 2008 and how it happened presented by a professor in our Economics department, Dr. Newman. We’ve made it an honors event with free food so we’re expecting quite a large group outside of our normal members to show up. Dr. Newman is considered an expert in monetary policy and has published many articles on it and has a book being released soon, so this is quite a treat to have him on our campus at the moment.

We are also figuring out logistics on how to attend the YAL Spring Summit in Atlanta. We did have about 20 people express interest. However, it is right before finals and it’s a 12 hour drive there and back without stop so that may deter students.

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