Marijuana Legalization and 4/20 at Liberty University

On April 20, YAL at Liberty University tabled on our campus to talk about mandatory minimums and marijuana legalization. We had filled out a tabling request with our University’s library 2 weeks in advance, and filled out all the paper work required to table, which was approved.

We arrived that morning and set up our table with our supplies and with our posters, one of which was a poll about legalization of Marijuana and another that read “No Victim No Crime, End Mandatory Minimums.” Once we were set up we had one person stand near the front of the atrium with our poll and encouraged people to vote and directed them to our table to get some free store-bought brownies that we served out of a pot. Once they were at our table we told them about YAL as an organization and about how we should get rid of mandatory minimums especially on non-violent crimes and would reference cases such as Weldon Angelos’. About an hour and a half into tabling Liberty University’s Police Department showed up to investigate a call they had received about us tabling. After talking with them and confirming that we had permission to table and showing them the receipts for the brownies, LUPD and library staff told us that we had to take down anything referencing marijuana and drug usage inside the library and that we couldn’t hand out brownies. After they left we talked about it as a club and decided to take our poll, our sign, and brownies outside and “table” without a table.

All in all, it was great talking to students and faculty about legalization and we had a great responses and dialogue. At the end of the day, we had 123 votes for marijuana legalization, 90 who voted for medical marijuana use only, and 39 who believe in a total ban. 21 of those polled were torn between legalization and medical use, and 8 were on the line between medical use and a ban.

We recognize that Liberty University is a private organization that has the right to set restrictions, but if the University and its administration believe that their opinions and stances are right then the University would have nothing to fear from allowing students to express themselves unhindered. This is why next semester YAL at LU is planning on focusing on free speech and the neo-conservative safe space that the University has become.

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