Markets & Defense: Our Best Event Yet


Despite putting on the Midwest Liberty Summit just a few months ago, Young Americans for Liberty at IUPUI rocked our campus with yet another successful event that took place just last weekend.

On Friday, David Friedman and Randall Holcombe flew to Indianapolis for Markets & Defense: Is Government Inevitable? The event featured a debate about the stability of private defense agencies and their ability to protect the rights of constituents against internal and external threats. Dr. Friedman argued that stability would probably not be as big of a problem as one might think; Dr. Holcombe argued that private defense agencies are inherently unstable and would monopolize and impose a government — possibly an even worse government. 


The event was a huge success thanks to sponsors like Turning Point USA, the Coalition of Central Indiana Tea Parties, the Political Science Student Association, the Leadership Institute, We Are Libertarians, and the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

Young Americans for Liberty at IUPUI brands itself as a social club, and as such, following the conclusion of the event was a social at the Skyline Club where attendees enjoyed free drinks, networking and good times!

The photo album can be viewed here.


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