Marry Anyone for Marriage Equality (ft. Ring Pops) by YAL UT Austin

In mid-April, when the sun had finally begun to shine down upon the great state of Texas in the wonderful city of Austin, YAL at the University of Texas at Austin sought to rain down on its heavily liberal campus the message of marriage equality!

So, naturally, we acted fast like MacGyver to assemble an arbor made of PVC pipe with a sheet background! There was even a nifty sign with some glitter! To top it all off, we handed out free ring pops to those who wanted to get married in exchange for their contact information and YAL Quizlet score.


The full album of all our marriages can be found here:

Most importantly, though, we were featured on UT Austin’s Campus Snap Story, recruited over 30 new people who scored libertarian on the YAL Quizlet, and reached over 5,000 people on Facebook because people liked, shared, and tagged themselves in our photos we posted on our “like” page when we followed up with them by email.


There were many types of marriages. We had, for example, polyandrous “marriages”:

5 People

interracial “marriages”:


plenty of homosexual “marriages.” But my favorite of all is this self-“marriage.”

self marriage

The whole point of this exercise, though, was to spread the message of liberty across campus! We certainly got a lot of attention. The key here was following up with an email and linking the students to a photo album to not only see their pictures, but also the pictures of people who think like them.

We had a great meeting, too, to say the least. It was definitely an introspective exploration of gender versus sexuality and societal perception of homosexuality and sexual diversity.


Lastly, I’d like to make a shoutout to Dalton Laine, the University of Houston YAL Chapter President and fellow State Chair, for coming up with this idea. Without him, we wouldn’t have even had the idea in the first place! He works so hard for YAL and I’m so grateful for his help. Thanks, Dalton!

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