Massey Campos speaks at Bluffton University

Massey Campos, an ordained minister from Florida and a fiery speaker on the Constitution gave a talk at Bluffton University for our YAL chapters final student activism event of the year. Though it was getting close to exam week, we were able to have a large turnout of students and members of the community. 
Massey Campos 1
All of the people who attended were awe struck at the quality of Massey’s talk. He gave quotes from the founders and the Constitution. One student came up after the engagement and told us, “I’m a senior and this was the best event I’ve been to in my whole college career!” This basically sums up how successful our event was. 
This past year, our YAL chapter was able to have several speakers come to our campus including Larry Reed, Julie Borowski, and Massey. We couldn’t have done it without the help and resources from YAL and the Leadership Institute. We have great things in store for next year already and can’t wait to spread the message of liberty!
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