Massive Turnout and Meeting Success at UMD College Park!

Last Wednesday and Thursday, September 14th and 15th, our YAL chapter was given the amazing opportunity to recruit new members. Our “first look fair” activism ended up being a resounding success, with 392 signups and over 60 attendees to our follow-up meeting!

Our strategy was fairly simple: unlimited enthusiasm. We approached people, asked them if they loved freedom, explained core principles of liberty, had them take the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz,” and signed them up! Most students weren’t knowledgeable on libertarianism, but were freedom-loving and curious enough to sign up for our club. 60 people ended up attending our kickoff meeting, and a majority of them attended our bonfire social right after.

With several events coming up, including Adam Kokesh coming to UMD this Friday, I’m incredibly excited to be working with such a dedicated group of people.

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