Maybe something good has actually happened?

Many of the posts here at YAL tend to criticize the Obama administration, particularly where its unfortunate economic policies are concerned.  However, it’s also good to give credit where credit is due, and even though it seems like a stretch, it’s possible that credit may eventually be due for Obama’s change of direction in American relations with Iran.  Although the details and results of this new policy remain to be seen, he has a released a taped speech asking for increased communication and diplomacy between Tehran and Washington.

This is hardly an indication that the administration will begin pursuing a sensible foreign policy in general, given the recent surge of 17,000 troops and a number of civilian advisers in Afghanistan as well as a less-different-than-promised approach to Iraq.  Nonetheless, it might be the beginning of better relations at least with Iran, which, as points out today, is full of “humans like us.”

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