Meanwhile in Yemen…

As all eyes have been on Libya, there have also been large developments in another country we are bombing, Yemen. Just this week protesters took over a military base aided by military defectors, which brought along with it a death toll of over 50 people.  Violence has continued to rise yet it really isn’t clear to people why this concerns the United States or why it is even happening.  

The reasons we have been given for the United State’s drone bombings in the country is that we are targeting Al-Qaeda figures.  However, a Wikileak has revealed that there is more to the story than just Al- Qaeda and national security.  The Yemen government has been allowing the United States to bomb their country and claiming it as their own attacks in order to hide the US involvement.  Internal problems have been brewing for a very long time and it seems that the President Saleh can no longer handle it himself as even his military is turning against him.  

The turmoil that has been brewing in Yemen for quite some time now can be summed up to either a separatist movement or a civil war.  The people we happen to be bombing  are those that happen to belong to the separatist camp, or are “anti-government.”  Coincidence? Or US-backed regime maintenance?  Given all the military training we have provided Yemen’s military, I am going to go with the latter.

Seeing as how we are hell-bent on establishing yet another anti-American state in the Middle East, the consequences of our actions need to be considered.  If the separatists were to succeed and form South Yemen, we would have a government made up of people that we have spent the past few years bombing… Needless to say they would most likely not be too friendly towards us.  

Even if that were not to occur, Yemeni men and women whom support the separatist cause would be aware of our bombings, and our support for the oppressive regime.  Blowback from Yemen could end up being a serious reality.

Dismissing the idea of a new government in Yemen, however, would be foolish.  Although it is hard to see where things are going regime change, overthrow, and popular uprising is all the rage in the region currently, and Yemen should not be discounted.  

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