Media Misrepresentation

Today I used Google Trends to check out the volume of searches Ron Paul has been getting.  Then I decided to compare Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke.  The results were interesting:  Over the course of the last year — and indeed every month but one (October 2005) since January 2004 — Ron Paul has been Googled far, far more often (see the most recent year below for reference).  However, with the exception of December 2007 and January 2008, when Ron Paul was having so much fundraising success that he could not in good conscience — or even in nonexistent conscience, apparently — be ignored, the media has given far more coverage to Ben Bernanke throughout that period. 

It may not be fair, of course, to expect the media to cover exactly what the public Googles, but such a consistent disconnect is interesting — it’s not as if Ron Paul never does anything.  And though it has been (rightly) said that “if you don’t know who Ben Bernanke is, you’re part of the problem,” if you give him constant attention — quoting his words, repeating his ideas, giving credence to his fallacious proposals — while all but ignoring those with alternative ideas, you’re part of the problem as well.

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