Medicinal Marijuana: It’s A Jersey Thing

The road to 2019 continues to get a lot greener — and we aren’t talking about the worthless Federal Reserve Notes. Tuesday, Governor Chris Christie officially made New Jersey the 16th state to allow medicinal marijuana dispensaries to be opened, after a two-year delay by the governor to ensure the users and sellers of the drug wouldn’t face federal persecution.

A letter from the Justice Department assured Gov. Christie that New Jersey’s laws would not be targeted by them, stating that medicinal marijuana is not a top priority of either the Obama administration or the department. To keep any trouble with the Justice Department to a minimum, the law will limit the distribution of medicinal marijuana to six licensed vendors which will not be allowed to make home deliveries or use the marijuana in an edible form (so my apologies to our pot brownie fans out there). Also, the marijuana itself will be limited to only 10% THC content, the chemical in the plant that makes you high, and patients can only buy 2 ounces of marijuana every 30 days. Some critics consider these restrictions to be rather harsh, especially to those dispensaries that might be too far away for some patients to get to, but supporters say the law will be refined over time, and that implementation was the most important thing right now. Originally published at

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