Meeting the Head Honcho and starting the chapter

First off, I will introduce myself. I am Nick Gehlmann. I am the “head” of the Edinboro chapter right now. I have never been this involved with activism before, so its all new to me. That is where mister Heath DeGaramo comes in. He had been in contact with me about starting the chapter since the beginning, so I found it fitting that he could help me out getting my feet wet. On Friday September 22nd, he came down and helped me find those interested in the club and helped us get off the ground, and it was a great chance for me to meet him in person and just talk about the organization and recruitment methods. I’m incredibly excited with getting everything started up and alreadyhave potential members super excited to get started!

Spring 2018 semester is on its way, and with it, more meetings, events, and hopefully….more members in the Boro.

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