Membership Drive

Sorry for the late post,

On August 29th of 2017 I held my very first membership drive! I had an easy time conversing with the school staff and getting situated to get access to what i needed, as well as to reserve times and spaces on campus. After this I ordered a new membership drive kit which with what I had leftover from the previous chapter president I managed to put together a pretty nifty table. I spent two hours tabling by myself but I had a lot of interested people come by and speak to me one on one about not only Y.A.L. but different politics in general that they themselves were interested in or passionate about. I had a fantastic time and managed to get a total of 13 signatures of people who were interested in doing meetings and seeing what we are really about. I consider that a win for Liberty! It was a great time with great people and I look forward to meeting with them and getting this chapter started! I could not have done any of this without the help of Devon and Brittany you two really helped get me started, thanks again.


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