Membership Drive at Cedarville

The membership drive we held at the end of October utilized resources from Cedarville’s Young Americans For Liberty chapters.  My dedicated officers informed students on the tyranny of big government and their invasion of our privacy.  The line “Maybe if we all emailed the constitution to each other, the NSA would finally read it” stuck out each and every student who walked past and eyes were opened.  Nearly all students didn’t have a grasp on the vast unconstitutional surveillance that takes place in our country everyday.  The look on the faces of those who read the YAL fact cards was both priceless and promising.  When a student reacts in awe and outrage, showing their complete unbelief, we, as officers know we have done our duty.  We informed the public of the pearls of big government with fliers, posters, stickers, and buttons, all from our plastic foldable table in the student center.


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