Membership Drive at U of Virginia’s College at Wise

YAL at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise held its first Membership Drive of the semester. We managed to successfully obtain 17 new sign-ups by actively recruiting. We managed to use some new tactics to garner interest from students. One effective tactic was to hand out free “pot” brownies. It caught the interest of many students, and it was a great tactic to encourage students to engage in meaningful discussions over politics and philosophy. In fact, many students here at UVa-Wise consider the war on drugs to be the most important political issue facing the US, so we are quite proud this tactic was recommended to us.

Students here are now realizing that there is a unique pro-liberty platform to get behind on campus. We hope to see our meeting later on this week full of new faces. Furthermore, we plan to take huge strides this semester to gain as many new members as we possibly can. So, let’s go #MakeLibertyWin


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