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Making Liberty Win at Brescia University

We’re just two days into classes here at Brescia University, but we were too excited to wait for the student involvement fair to make liberty win on our campus. In addition to our new sign-ups and dues paying members, we’ve been able to distribute around 40 pocket Constitutions in the past 2 days (we have an approximate whopping 200 on ground students.)

Not only did we have an excellent number of sign ups, but we also had excellent conversations. This is important because we will see many of these students again at the involvement fair two weeks from now. It should also be noted hat out of some of these conversations, we were able to transform former Bernie fanatics into beginning liberty lovers!

To conclude, we suggest a few things. For one, have high energy. This is necessary. Nobody will want to join a club or chapter if the people in charge of it act like they don’t care about their cause. Secondly, be positive. There’s so much negativity going around right now. It pays off to be happy and to speak in an upbeat manner. Something else that has helped my chapter is being strong and confident on the issues. These might seem obvious, but I really can’t stress how important they are!Making Liberty Win at Brescia University! 

Making Liberty Win at Brescia University

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