Membership Drive – Missouri State University

Today hundreds of new Bears walked the “bear path” and attended this year’s annual New Student Festival. We had secured our spot at the one of a kind opportunity to get new starry eyed members months prior and today that reservation bore its fruits. The first wave of students that entered the ballroom had us a bit dismayed but within time our table was flooded and we were barely able to talk to everyone that approached.

Taylor, Tyler and I by the end of the festival found ourselves with over 40 signatures and nearly all the materials and books we brought gone! There were many who knew what we were talking about when we informed them we were the “Ron Swansons” of campus and there were loads of others who had never even heard of a libertarian. So not only did we get the signatures of the many students who were absolutely interested and will hopefully make great members in the year to come but we were also able to inform many more about our position! All in all it was a great event and we are ready to make liberty win this semester!



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