Membership Drive Newberry College

For the second time in the Spring 2018 semester, the Newberry College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held a recruitment drive, consisting of tabling outside the cafeteria for an hour Wednesday, followed by an interest meeting with pizza Thursday night.

The tabling, which occurred just before lunch Wednesday, yielded several promising sign-ups. Using the Gadsden flag as a tablecloth and asking students their stances on certain issues helped to attract more attention. For individuals approaching, we would follow a greeting with various questions like, “do you believe in the legalization of marijuana?” or, “what do you think about the war in Afghanistan?” These tend to elicit more and better responses than simply asking, “do you believe in liberty?” Despite the timing during a slower part of the day, since almost all our members have class during prime lunchtime, tabling yielded several promising sign-ups. We added these to previous sign-ups who have yet to attend a meeting, and we followed up with all of them to inform them about Thursday’s interest meeting.

When Thursday evening arrived, we had pizza and drinks, as usual. However, after having several people inform us of prior commitments or plans out-of-town, no new individuals came; that is, until someone happened to overhear our conversation. This individual considered himself a conservative/libertarian Republican, and he was delighted to know that our chapter existed on campus. After an introduction to YAL, our new Bring Them Home activism event, and next month’s Charlotte Summit, I believe our chapter gained a principled new member. So, while a hearty turnout is good, even just one new high-quality member can become the next Ron Paul.

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