Mercy Values at private/religious university are a welcoming framework to foster liberty.

YAL Carlow held a successful all-day tabling outreach, engaging with hundreds in order to spread the word about our upcoming Free Speech Wall. We do this to engage in liberty-oriented conversation with people in our community, and of course get new members! YAL Carlow increased its roster of associate members by 14, bringing the total to 29, in addition to the 4 dues-paying members who have taken the lead in bringing the liberty movement to our community.

YAL Carlow Leadership Conducting Tabling Outreach

The message of liberty has been well received here, which is little surprise as Carlow University is founded upon the values of the Sister of Mercy (Carlow’s Values) which are also fundamental to the success of liberty-movement.

Just as Henry Hazlitt teaches us that liberty is the love of others, our Mercy Values teach us further still to “engage in service to others with competence and compassion” as well as celebrate our diverse community by having a “reverence [for] each person . . . and all the diversity they embody.” Does that not fit perfectly with the philosophy of liberty?

Because we are Young Americans for Liberty at a private, religious-based institution, we strive to uphold the values of our community as well as a philosophy of just liberty with peace, love, and prosperity. In fact, our Mercy Values also empower us to “speak the truth gleaned from our intellectual pursuits.” Perhaps that is why news of a Free Speech Wall is now buzzing all over campus, people are getting fired up for liberty!

YAL Carlow Table Spread

The YAL Carlow Free Speech Wall will stand for one week in a key high-traffic area right in the middle of our compact urban campus. It is being built near a bronze statue of Frances Warde, the nun who first established the Sisters of Mercy in the United States right here in Pittsburgh, before going on to establish almost one hundred more.

The statue itself sits in a position that will overlook the Free Speech Wall. This is fitting, as she spent here life working towards a more just and merciful world, which is not so different than the philosophy of liberty behind Young Americans for Liberty. This is an outstanding opportunity to launch YAL Carlow into a public club and for our chapter and community to take action in helping to define the status of free speech in our community, city, and region.  

Constitution Conga Patriot Candy

Many students, faculty, staff, and family members have given us heartfelt thanks for starting this chapter, often expressing their frustrations with the seemingly impossible task of reorienting our government onto a path to liberty, and away from left-wing/right-wing politics that have left so many nearly hopeless.

But there is hope, this is evidenced by my encounters today with people who are truly moved to find out that there are so many others who have a passion for liberty and are willing to stand up and work for the liberty of others, not just themselves.

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