Mesa Community College: Free Markets 101

On February 27, Mesa Community College Young Americans for Liberty set out upon a seemingly insurmountable task: educate apathetic college-aged students about the benefits of a Free Market. Much to our surprise, the students were very receptive! 

At our table we had not only the normal tabling accouterments, but also vast amount of literature from freedom loving institutes such as FEE, SFL, Crony Chronicles and, of course, two fantastic educational activities from YAL. 

As students passed by our table they were asked a question, “Does a free market increase or decrease the wealth of individual people?” Very few felt that free markets would positively influence the citizenry’s daily life, but after a round of Rags or Riches, their view on the situation shifted.

At the other end of the table, passersby were offered the opportunity to play Jenganomics in order to learn the ills of wealth redistribution. Needless to say, this humongous demonstration drew allot of attention. One passing faculty member remarked, “This is the perfect example of socialism, because eventually, there will be no one else at the bottom to take from.” 

Overall, the event was successful: some students now understand the importance of a free market! 

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