Metro State University Membership Drive

Hello, my name is TJ Pirkl of the YAL chapter of Metro State University. Currently, I am in the process of recruiting a stable membership of students

I went into the YAL Recruitment drive prepared with a set of possible topics and my positions regarding recent political events in the US and worldwide. I did a lot of prep work writing notes during my work shift from 8am to 1:30pm and then going home to give myself a mental break before going to the recruitment drive.

How I displayed my YAL recruitment pamphlets was that they were laid on the table for anyone to see and view and whoever came up to the table asking what it is would be briefed and informed by me about what and who YAL is. Ideally, I thought a display like this would bring in some prospective YAL members to the table and I would gladly debate and discuss with them what YAL stands for.

In reality, I am the only YAL member at my campus and I had a difficult time with interacting with students and decided that a table laid out with pamphlets would be enough to entice passers-by. Personally, I found it difficult to talk to strangers about political issues in general as talking politics on college campuses is considered taboo, especially if it is a conflicting opinion. Being by myself, I was responsible for ensuring my YAL material wasn’t going to be stolen, promoting YAL across the campus, and making conversation about YAL. Juggling different responsibilities on one person felt overwhelming. The student body of Metro State University are working students with jobs and families and do not have time to join a club on campus or online. Student ages at Metro range from 20 to 50. Finally, my location of my table was in the cafeteria area which most students congregate in. My table did not catch any attention from anyone as it wasn’t facing the entrance to the cafeteria but was inside the booth area which made it difficult to see anyone approaching.

If there was something that could be learned from this recruitment drive, is to bring your friends or local YAL members to assist. Being by myself did not help bring in new members, even if people came up, I would still be unprepared and not ready to have discussion about politics. To be successful, your friends need to be by your side.

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