Michael Crook: Worst Person of the Day

Today, I will be borrowing the idea of “The Worst Person of the Day” from uber statist Keith Olbermann. Today, that award goes to Michael Crook.

As you may or may have not heard, Steven Consalvi, a 17 year old from Philadelphia, ran on the field during a Philadelphia Phillies game. Some people may have not found the stunt funny, but I sure did. It can be seen here.

Michael Crook, on the ‘Steve Consalvi is a Hero’ Facebook page, wrote,

How can you people call him a hero? Look at the defiance and arrogance on his face, along with that enormous nose. Hopefully, Penn will yank him as a student and he will get jail time for what he did. He should have been shot with a real gun.  Too bad the cop was too much of a coward to do that.

While what he did was technically criminal, would it really warrant lethal force? Even the tasing is in question. After all, he had no escape and would have eventually had to surrender. Why put the kid’s life in danger?

This is the same man who was celebrating the death of soldiers. As you all may know, I am vehemently against all of our current military actions. But to become joyous at soldiers dying at the expense of a corrupt cause and corrupt leaders is sickening. 

Crook is also a huge advocate of victimless crimes. He advocates a zero tolerance drunk driving policy with no legal BAC limit at all. Even if the driver was to make it home completely safe, Crook would want the “drunkard” roped up and thrown in jail. His pet project, “craigslist perverts” gained notoriety after he lured men with a fake profile and then exposed them all to family, friends, and the community. Thankfully, he is being sued by the EFF for his disgusting tactics. 

My question to him is this: how can something be considered a crime if there is no damaged party? Maybe the genius will get back to me with an answer. Judging by his past actions, however, I don’t expect one. 

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