Michele Bachmann: Worth Watching

Karen DeCoster writes at Taki’s Magazine about Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Backmann, a recent disciple of Ron Paul whom you may recall persistently questioning Timmy Geithner about the exact provision of the Constitution which makes his economic policies legal.  Bachmann, she notes, is not always completely informed, but she has taken some pretty impressive actions for a member of Congress, most recently announcing that she has no intention of filling out the 2010 Census form beyond the number of residents in her household, deeming all other, more invasive, questions unconstitutional:

Actions in Bachmann’s favor are that she voted against the Wall Street bailouts, opposed the auto industry bailout, questioned Bush’s plan to increase troops in Iraq, opposed greater subsidization of student loans, opposed light bulb tyranny, correctly blamed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for their part in the economic meltdown, opposes a one-world currency, has spoken out against mandatory government service, and isn’t fooled by the political agenda of the global warming alarmists. Bachmann also understands how Warren G. Harding’s lack of economic intervention in the 1920-21 Depression allowed the economy to rebound quickly (she’s been paying attention to Tom Woods). She has even spoken about the roles of Hoover, FDR, and the Smoot-Hawley tariff in magnifying the Great Depression, in spite of mixing up some of those facts along the way.

Bachmann’s record is by no means perfect, but DeCoster concludes that she seems to be truly interested in liberty and willing to learn.  She’s at the very least worth watching.

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