Michian to Use Failed Drug Kits to Arrest Patients

Recently, Michigan joined the list of states that offer medicinal marijuana as an alternative treatment for a varitey of conditions. This did not sit well with one of their leading prohibitionists, Rep. Rick Jones. So, doing what he can to stifle its use, Jones has introduced a new policy for Michigan police forces:  roadside drug tests to enforce the state’s drugged driving laws, a process that used to take a warrant.  However, there are a couple of problems with these tests, as shown in this video put out by the Marijuana Policy Project last year:

Of course we should be wary of those who choose to drive under the influence. But given the combination of these inaccurate testing products and the fact that marijuana stays in your system for up to a month after ingesting, this is just going to be another way to lock up pain patients who are not violating any state law.
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