Michigan State University Can Take a Joke

In the spirit of Freedom Day, Michigan State University’s YAL chapter held a first time ever premiere of Can We Take a Joke. We promoted the event on Facebook and even on Yik Yak. We held the event in a room that best resembled a theater in Wells Hall.

During the screening, we served free soda, Goomba’s pizza (a local favorite), cookies, and, of course, fresh popped popcorn! We had a sign-in sheet and handed out good ol’ pocket constitutions to everyone who showed up.

Movie Poster

Take a look…

We were thrilled to have a special guest!

Appearance by Ron

It’s showtime!


What premiere would be complete without fresh popcorn?


Clean-up with two of our e-board members…and Dr. Paul.


We’re looking forward to what the fall semester brings!

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