Michigan State University’s Sparticipation

On August 29th, Michigan State University hosted its annual Sparticipation, where over 200 student organizations gather to hold a club fair.

My executive-board, a cardboard cut-out of Ron Paul, and I all manned the table for around four hours where we passed out various materials such as YAL’s brochure cards on policy, pocket constitutions, tip cards on what to do when stopped by the police, and liberty-related books.

The event ended up being quite successful as we generated loads of interested in our club and plenty of exciting dialogue with people on all ends of the political spectrum. We had an excellent time networking with established political organizations as well as incoming freshman. We received over 50 sign-ups, where roughly 20 of which attended our first meeting of the year. 

Sparticipation was an excellent way for MSU’s YAL chapter to kick off the school year and we’re very excited for another successful semester! 

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