Military Checkpoints in California


And so it begins: The Militaristic Police State of America. The Marines will be “observing” sobriety and driver license checkpoints in San Bernardino, California throughout the holiday season. According to DUI Blog, the checkpoints are a joint taskforce between California Highway Patrol, San Bernardino Sherriff’s Office and the United States Marine Corps Military Police. Now, I have nothing against DUI checkpoints, and I’ve never had a drink in my life, but to bring in the military is a clear violation of the precedents laid down by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

The Act passed in the Reconstruction era, prohibits members of federal military units to be used for law and order, domestic police forces and state law enforcement. The Act reads as this:

Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly

authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses

any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or

otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or

imprisoned not more than two years, or both.


Throughout his time in office, Bush has worked his way around this, and successfully acted to revise it in cases of “natural disasters” and “terrorist attacks.” (John Warner Natural Defense Authorization) But apparently to the State of California, drivers without wallets can be considered a “natural terrorist disaster attack.”  

Add this with Obama’s mandatory Civil Service Corp and the small steps toward the Military-Police State are not so small anymore. 

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