Millennials are winning the battle against campus speech codes

My latest column at discusses how young libertarians are defeating campus speech codes around the country:

Despite its protection in our Constitution, free speech has never been a given in the United States. From the struggle to pass the First Amendment to Twentieth Century prohibitions on anti-war speech, every American generation has fought some sort of battle to protect this most sacred of rights.

In 2014, Millennials are waging their generation’s fight for free expression on college campuses across the nation. And today, they are winning.

Over the past several decades, “speech codes” have proliferated at an alarming rate across our nation’s college campuses. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education defines such a code as “any university regulation or policy that prohibits expression that would be protected by the First Amendment in society at large.” Under the guise of ostensibly content-neutral rules, college administrators tightly monitor when, where, and how students may express unpopular political views.

Some of these rules restrict political protests to infinitesimally small portions of campus. Others withhold funds from organizations promoting “controversial” causes. Still others prohibit the distribution of “literature” — even our very Constitution — without a litany of permits and permissions. With little to no oversight, college administrators are muffling the voice of an entire generation.

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