Millennials Keep Giving Seniors a Hard Time

The mainstream media’s best kept secret is that Millennials are increasingly starting to favor the ideas typically associated with libertarianism. With their Facebook posts about “it” always “happening” and their rabid support for former Congressman Ron Paul, today’s youth are embracing the dangerous trend of anti-war, small-government views that are coursing through the Republican, and even occasionally, the Democratic Party. This is evident with their latest outburst following the revelation that Medicare has spent over 172 million dollars to provide the elderly with penis pumps, something these extremists call “wasteful government spending.”

So what if Medicare spent double the amount a consumer would pay at retail price? How greedy are all of these youth with their crushes on Ayn Rand? These libertarians need to understand that as a nation we cannot let our seniors down! It would be morally bankrupt of us as a united country to forget about the needs of our seniors.  The government has a duty to take money from young taxpayers so we can redistribute that wealth and erect a prosperous society that gives the best care to our seniors.

At a time when radical liberty activists are seeking to gouge Medicare and endanger seniors, we can’t forget the vital services government provides seniors to keep them happy…and voting. 

This post is satire.

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