Millersville University celebrates Constitution Week

For Constitution Week, Young Americans for Liberty at Millersville University hosted a Free Speech Wall on campus. This event was co-sponsored by several organizations on campus including The Walker Center, College Democrats, and College Republicans. The importance of free speech is something that all of these organizations can agree to, and we felt it was important to show a unified front on campus.

Tuesday evening, we came together to build our Free Speech Wall. First, we went to a local store to get out supplies. Then we worked late into the evening painting our Free Speech Wall and assembling it on the Quad.

Builing our wall

We started off early the next day day by setting up our table and touching base with local newspapers and TV stations that to whom we had sent our press release. We even got a spot on the local talk radio morning show:

Once things got rolling, it was easy to see that our Free Speech Wall was a success! We immediately began to draw a lot of attention on campus. Millersville students were so enthusiastic about their First Amendment right to free speech that they filled up our wall during the first hour and a half of our event!


Students continued to squeeze things onto the wall until we finally decided to take it to the streets! We started exercising our First Amendment right to free speech on the sidewalk in front of our Free Speech Wall. Our event was so popular that we kept it going for an hour longer than we originally anticipated because we kept having students who wanted to express themselves.

During our Free Speech Wall we raffled off a liberty basket. The winner received a pocket Constitution, the abridged version of The Road to Serfdom, Are We Good Enough For Liberty?, The Intellectuals and Socialism, Economics in One Lesson, and several other pieces of YAL swag.

We had 104 new sign-ups and hosted a successful informational meeting, where seven new members came out to discuss liberty!

The following day our school newspaper, The Snapper, published an article about the new Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Millersville:

The Young Americans for Liberty Club is a non-partisan organization interested in every issue regarding liberty. President Kaytee Moyer and her fellow chairs intend to identify, educate and mobilize the interested community behind a “winning on principle” strategy. To get involved with Young Americans for Liberty, attend a meeting. Those interested can stay up to date with what’s happening by following @YALMillersville on twitter and liking them on Facebook.

“We are libertarians, with a little ‘l’, not a big ‘L,’ which means that we are of libertarian philosophy, not from the Libertarian Party,” Moyer said. “We believe in liberty in all facets of your life, personally and economically and we believe that the government should not legislate morality.”

And of course, here’s a photo of the paper version. Beautiful!


I’d say Constitution Week at Millersville was a huge success. And we’re just getting started!

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