Millersville University’s Tabling Event

Yesterday, the Millersville University Chapter held our first tabling event, we received 26 sign ups and various compliments from the community. The political quiz was immediate hit with the students and helped bring out their inner liberty. One guy in particular stood out, he walked by the table a couple times kind of just checking it out and when he finally approached us, we knew why. This gentlemen was the embodiment of the American Dream, he moved from England, He was in the service, He joined Doctors without Borders, and now he is a investor. He donated $6 to us yesterday and promised to support our chapter more in the future. He said something I won’t forget “If I hadn’t of moved to America, I wouldn’t have been able to make the money I have made because of the 89-90% tax rates England has”. Other than that the pocket constitutions were also a great way to bring people over and explain who we are. We found that asking the question “Do you love freedom?” is a great conversation starter. Millersville will #MakeLibertyWin

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