Milo Yiannopoulos Speaks at Bucknell

Internet icon Milo Yiannopoulos visited Bucknell University on February 25th to give a talk on the lack of diversity in opinion on college campuses today. All 400 seats of the auditorium filled up more than fifteen minutes before the event began. Yiannopoulos’ central message was that the lack of political diversity on campus is in extreme conflict to the fundamental role of a University.
He said, “It’s really important that you remember, as consumers, as customers of this educational establishment, what you are not getting for your money. And this isn’t just specific to this university, it’s specific to most of them, actually…[Students] aren’t being exposed to any point of view that challenges their prejudices. The problem is with the faculty who are so politically homogeneous that they don’t even know alternative points of view, let alone to expose you to them.”
The joint event hosted by Bucknell College Republicans, Bucknell Conservatives Club, and YAL at Bucknell had its posters ripped down, defaced, and had a ‘designated protest area’ provided by the University. Fortunately no protests materialized nor were there any interruptions during the event.
Overall, the event was a great success and it brought attention to the importance of free speech on college campuses.
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