Minister from Florida visits Bluffton, talks faith and politics

College students/millennials are a difficult demographic to engage in anything, especially faith and politics. This wasn’t the case for a group of Bluffton University students Wednesday evening, when they attended an event titled “A Christian’s Role in American Politics and Government” put on by our YAL chapter.

Massey Campos is a minister from Florida and founder of Self Evident Ministries. He travels all around the country speaking on the “founding fathers’ vision of a virtuous nation”, as he describes it. “God has called me to speak the Gospel and our God-given rights and I just go where he directs,” Campos says. “I have a special place in my heart for college campuses.”

Senior Colin McCloskey who attended the event says that he only came at first to get Arts and Lecture credit, which is part of students’ graduation requirement. “Just five minutes into his talk and I was hooked” McCloskey says. “Massey is literally the best speaker I have ever heard.”

This is not the first time our YAL chapter has hosted an event like this. Devony Miller, a sophomore and also a YAL member, says this is her second time listening to Massey speak. “I heard Massey speak last semester when we invited him and I’m glad we did it again” said Miller. We had a great groups of students attend, several more than last year.”

Campos lives with his wife, Cari, and three young children in Port St. Lucie, but makes the drive to the Midwest three or four times per year. He speaks to Tea Party groups, churches, occasional public venues, and other events where he is invited. Massey says that it doesn’t matter the location, time, or demographic of the room for him to address the crowd. “A lot of people think I only talk to only Republicans, but I talk to everyone of all faith and religious stripes” he says.

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