Minnesota Tyrant

Recently I have learned of a public figure in my home state of Minnesota that I have developed a strong distate for, and whom I beleive to be a bigger threat to my liberties than the men and women in our legislature.  The man is Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan, who has established a very anti-gun record in our state.  Tim Dolan

I first heard of Tim Dolan’s statist views on guns when he endorsed federal legislation to ban high capacity magazines.  The ban would make it so no magazine could be sold that can hold over 10 rounds.  Advocates of the bill have claimed it is not necessary for civilians to own high capacity rounds, they make shooting incidents larger, and that only police and military should be able to possess such power.

As an owner of a few high capacity mags, I can’t help but roll my eyes when the assertion is made that they are only meant to kill.  I own these magazines because I enjoy shooting and also want them for self defense.  I can’t contest that having high capactiy magazines would make it easier to kill people, but the idea that only police and military officers should own them frightens me.  If the only purpose for these mags is to kill as many people as quickly as possible, then why should police officers own them?  

There are many other reasons to formulate a bad opinion of Chief Dolan, including him rewarding a SWAT team for raiding a wrong household and shooting the place up.  But the larger point I wanted to make with this blog is to be aware of your local petty tyrants. Having a police chief that does not take gun rights seriosly is just as much a threat to having a poor legislature.  

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