Mises Academy Update

I just wanted to throw out a quick plug for the Mises Academy.  We’re now into our fourth week of Understanding the Business Cycle taught by Dr. Robert P. Murphy and my experience has been great so far.

Dr. Murphy’s online lectures are easy to follow, entertaining, and have no problem holding your attention the entire time. We do have quizzes, essays, and participation in discussion groups that can be graded and while there is a good amount of reading material, the actual coursework is nothing worse than what you would find in your typical mid level college course.

So far we have covered:

Week #1 – About Austrian Economics & Overview of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Week #2 – Time Preference, Interest, and Capital

Week #3 – Money: The Theory of Indirect Exchange

Week #4 – Banking

And next week we’ll be covering “Savings-Supported Economic Growth.”

So whether you are already well versed in Austrian economics but want to hone your knowledge or you are a beginner looking to learn, I definitely recommend enrolling in any of the offered courses at the Mises Academy.

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